A long cane training session
A long cane training session

The Rehabilitation Officer will work with you to help you devise ways of managing your day-to-day life to remain as independent as possible.

Activities from cooking and cleaning to leisure and learning can still be accessed and enjoyed.

Some of the ways in which rehabilitation advice can help:

Mobility training

  • Learning a safe route to your local shops
  • How to use public transport
  • The use of a symbol cane, to let the public know you have a sight impairment
  • Long cane training

Reading and writing

  • The importance of good lighting
  • Use of a writing frame and thicker black pens
  • Large print
  • Electronic magnifiers
  • The use of computers and keyboard skills
  • Correct use of magnifiers
  • The teaching of Braille or Moon

Daily living skills

  • Cooking – perhaps using a talking microwave
  • How to mark items so they are easy to recognise
  • Using the telephone – large button telephones, free directory enquiries
  • How to tell the time

These are just some of the ways in which Rehabilitation can help. The Rehabilitation Officer will discuss your needs and work with you in finding a solution.

You can simply contact us to ask for assistance from the Rehabilitation Officer, or discuss your needs with the Registration and Equipment Officer.