Feel great and do something amazing by making a lasting gift in your will.

Your gift of a legacy to Vision North Somerset will have a powerful impact for years to come and will make a huge difference to help people like Linda who says:

“You are supported from the moment you arrive and the learning you gain will stay with you for life.”

Why you should make a will

  • To protect your loved ones and make sure they are cared for.
  • To protect your assets and help reduce the impact that inheritance tax may have on your estate.
  • To protect your wishes and keep you in control of your legacy gift.

How your legacy will make a difference

“Thank you so much for letting me know how Vision North Somerset has used the legacy which my uncle left you in his will. I think the decisions your charity have made about how to use the money are really wise and well-informed. My uncle left money to several large national charities and that money just disappeared, as if into a black hole. I am so glad my uncle has been able to help your organisation so that you can carry on doing great work to support people in similar circumstances in the future.

I know my uncle was extremely appreciative of your help and I remain so.”

Please contact your solicitor to help you write your will and do something amazing for local blind and partially sighted people.

Thank you!