What is counselling?

Counselling is an opportunity to talk through your feelings and the challenges that you face. It provides the space and time for you to concentrate on yourself and to talk things over with someone who will understand things from your perspective. You can talk about anything that is important to you, not necessarily just about sight loss.

How can it help?

Talking and sharing your feelings can bring a new clarity and calmness, enabling you to cope better with life’s challenges. Often it helps to talk to someone outside your immediate circle of friends and family.

Is counselling only for people who have recently lost their sight?

Support is available to anyone with sight loss. This may include people who have recently started to lose their sight or people who have been visually impaired for a while and are finding it difficult to cope, perhaps because of significant changes in their lives.

What does counselling involve?

The Vision North Somerset Rehabilitation Officer will discuss with you the types of counselling that are available. This could be face to face counselling or telephone counselling. Vision does not offer its own counselling service but we ensure that counsellors we put you in touch with have an understanding of sight loss and will suit your particular needs.

Is there a charge for counselling?

This will depend on the type of counselling that you decide upon. Some providers make no charge at all, others charge a small fee.

Is the service confidential?

Your discussion with the North Somerset Rehabilitation Officer is confidential and will only be shared with prospective counsellors with your permission. Once you begin counselling, confidentiality will be governed by the guidelines of each individual organisation and you can ask about this before your sessions begin.

Who do I contact?

Contact us here