Our Rehabilitation Officer, Martin Rees, has put together some top tips on social distancing with sight loss. Polly runs through these tips in our video: Tips for Social Distancing

Tip 1: Let others know you can’t see how far away they are

Others may expect you to move for them. If you can’t see them, it’s likely that you won’t move. You can also ask someone how far away they are; they may get the hint and move if they’re too close. It’s still easy to forget at times. If you’re confident, you could ask the person to keep to 2m away because you cannot see to judge the distance for yourself.

Tip 2: Ensure you have everything you need before going out

If you have a cane, use it when it might be needed, e.g. in crowded areas, while crossing at pedestrian crossings, or while being guided. Keep canes / badges / ID with you even if you don’t use them. There may be an instance where you need to prove you have a visual impairment because you ‘don’t look visually impaired’. Others can then social distance appropriately.

Tip 3: Take control

Let others move out of the way of you. If you’re unsure of other people’s movements, you could also stop and let them move around you. It’s important that you keep your bearings and avoid getting disorientated.

Tip 4: Public transport

Try to ring ahead for assistance and information on their social distancing rules. Wash your hands after using any cane. Disinfect handles and tips after using them.